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Thank you for making the School of Dentistry and its students a priority. Your financial support helps students gain the knowledge and experience they need to become excellent oral health practitioners and provide first-rate patient care to the community.

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Supported by 259 Donations:

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  • Michael D.
    I Gave $100
  • Ralph H. P.
    I Gave $100
  • Mary Z.
    Mary Z. '85
  • rachael s.
    I Gave $1,000
  • Charles D.
    I Gave $500
    Support for Dean Mark Reynolds and Maryland's Dental School!
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    Anonymous '99
    I Gave $100
  • Les C.
    More than 50 years of my professional life has been with UMB; nearly 40 great years at the SOD. .My thanks to SOD and UMB.
  • Glenn P.
    Glenn P. '66
    I Gave $100
  • Christina P.
  • Harvey C.
    Harvey C. '74
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    Anonymous '79
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    Joseph F. '86
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    Gina C. '88
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    Guy d. A. '82
    I Gave $1,000
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    Anonymous '59
  • John T.
    I Gave $500
  • Christopher P.
    I Gave $1,000
    I am forever grateful to UMBF/SOD for the superlative education provided to me.
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    Anonymous '74
  • Scott R.
    Scott R. '87
    I Gave $100
    1987 GPR
  • Alan R.
  • Lipin C.
    Lipin C. '88
    I Gave $250
  • Harold and Leslie F.
    I Gave $1,000
  • Matthew P.
  • Julia  L.
    Julia L. '80
    I Gave $1,000
    I always look forward to hearing from the dental hygiene students who have benefited from the Patricia C. Sterns Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
  • Robert L. K.
    I Gave $3,333.40
    To support the school that gave me a profession I thoroughly enjoyed. Merry Christmas
  • Steve  G.
    Steve G. '66
    I Gave $1,000
    In memory of William and Gertrude Gandel, and my wife Bobbie.
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    Anonymous '78